Book Trading

We Buy & Trade Books and Vinyl Records

The Bookery buys used books in-store on Mondays and Fridays from 10am-2:30pm. If you have more than four regular sized boxes please call ahead of time. We may be able to do house calls depending on staffing and what books you have to sell.

For fiction paperbacks we do trade only. Depending on the genre, paperbacks in good condition trade for either two or three (of yours) for one (of ours). We offer cash or general store credit (which is about 25% more) for classics, non-fiction, kids’ books and fiction hardbacks.

We do not have a set price we pay for each book; it always depends on the book and condition and we make you an offer for the total books we buy.

We now buy vinyl records! Make an appointment with Brian or Darin before coming in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes. Please call ahead of time and describe what kind of books you have to donate and how many. We have limited space and might have you meet us at a storage facility.

Yes! We definitely buy old books but just because they are old doesn’t mean that we will buy them. It all depends on the book. Sometimes we sell expensive books via consignment.

We buy books from all subjects but we are looking for newer or long-standing titles or authors for each section. Some sections get dated faster than others. We are also looking for books in nice condition. 

Yes, for classics, non-fiction and children’s book we do pay cash.